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COLOR HER FAR-SIGHTED: Nancy Fire Foresees Coming Trends

"NancyFire_01"So what if the human eye can detect some 10 million different colors? The ones that interest the design industry are the colors trending this year and beyond.

And who knows what they are? Meet design pro Nancy Fire. Co-founder of New York-based Design Works International/First2Print (, and design director for HGTV Home, the go-to interior design source for millions of American, Nancy has logged 30+ years consulting, designing, and launching successful product lines. Also a SURTEX Advisory Council member and judge for designext 2016, the world-wide student design competition, it’s no wonder she’s been called a juggernaut of the interior design industry.

Here’s what Nancy sees trending this year and beyond:

Off-beat tones: For example, greens in different tonalities so they work together and look “fresh and innovative.”

Color washes and watercolor florals: In “bold, bright, fun colors. People are not afraid of color anymore.”

Reds! “As in terra cotta, but not flower pots. Accented with teals. It’s been around for two years and is still trending. Terra cotta is here to stay!”

A Revival of Shibui, the Japanese blend of simplicity and complex details: say, a simple leaf design with a complex pattern on it.

New focus on artisanship: “It’s all about handcrafting. Gives a feeling of heritage.”

Vibrations: Daring, pop! colors working off each other.”

The Softer Side: Golden yellow. Think of Miami Beach yellow in the l950s. And softened geometric shapes — triangles are important.

Landscaping: Layering, as in a cake. More tonalities. Romantic, ethereal, ombre colors.

Urban Collective: Eco-savvy. Up-cycling. Vertical gardening. Mixed substrates: metal with wood, wood with Lucite; old with new. Wood-grain patterns and photo-real woodgrains.

Gray: Still our favorite neutral.