On the Surface



by Kate Lowery, Public Relations Director, Emerald Expositions

Trade shows are the perfect place for designers and journalists to engage in deeper product and design discussions, and relationship-building.

Journalists can get hands-on with the product and ask product-related questions they may not glean from a standard press release or press kit. Exhibitors are able to generate potential media coverage in a wider range of publications and help journalists develop storylines and content.

Your goal for SURTEX: gain media exposure for you, your brand, your designs, and your licensing deals.

Here’s How: Be well-versed on your company’s key messaging, vision, designs, design category, licensing goals, licensing deals and future vision. When journalists stop by your booth, be prepared to discuss:

  • Your USP (Unique Selling Point): What separates your company and/or designs from the rest? Why should they write about or include your company in a story following this event?
  • Know Your 30-Second Pitch: Be able to describe the key benefits and features as quickly as possible. Try not to be too long-winded and detailed about your work.
  • Product Availability: Be able to talk about where your designs will be seen, what licensing partnerships you have made, when the finished product will be available, and what retailers will be featuring goods showcasing your designs.

Practice Now: A Q&A document is a great way to prepare for meetings with journalists. List the top 10-15 questions they might ask and write out your answers. This will help you be rehearsed and able to quickly and professionally discuss your product.

Prepare Your Staff: Everyone who will be manning your booth should also be well-educated on key messaging. Ideally, your staff is outgoing, professional, and can answer any question a journalist may throw at them.

Take Advantage of the Press Room: Journalists use the press room as home base, a place to plan their day, get a jump on stories, pick up press kits. Be sure 1. To create a press kit that will attract their attention, and 2. That it tells what’s new and newsworthy about your company.

Utilize the Online Press Kit: Media use the electronic press kits available online to help plan their time at the show. Journalists view exhibitor press kits through individual exhibitor listings/online profiles and the Digital Press Room on Upload yours today!

Pre, On-Site, and Post Marketing Opportunities: The SURTEX team has created several creative ways to help you gain pre-show, on-site and post- show exposure for your brand and designs. Use these marketing opportunities to capture the media’s attention and drive them to your booth. Check out the opportunities on the SURTEX website, or contact John Erich, SURTEX Sales Manager at

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