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On the Surface

Stand Out from the Crowd, Important Show Information, Featured Artists and More

Making Your Mark in a Changing Industry

Now more than ever before, customers are changing the way they shop, browse, and buy. Consumers are looking for more. They value experiences, and seek out connections to what’s unique and speaks to them. With more care given to each purchase, consumers are looking for elements that reflect their personality, their sense of style, even their values.

The truth is, what’s connecting with audiences is authenticity. It’s no longer about racing to catch up with a trend, but standing firm in what makes your design, and your product, feel authentic. Now, more than ever, connection to community is vital.

What are the things you offer that make you stand out? In what ways can you embrace the things that make your brand unique?

Stand Out from the Crowd

Exhibitors, this is a time to celebrate you, and what you love to create. Buyers are not looking for runway knockoffs. They want your unique perspective. They want fresh interpretations of the classics and artwork that is going to enable their brand to stand out in the marketplace. Embrace what makes you unique, and don’t be afraid to share your ideas with buyers and clients.

Struggling to find your unique style? Flip through your sketchbook. What doodles, sketches, shapes or motifs are you creating without even realizing it? Not sketching on a regular basis? The best way to discover your unique style is to create, create, create. Not every sketch or doodle has to be a masterpiece, just keep creating and see where your creativity leads you.

Attendees, consider your unique perspective for the upcoming seasons. What mood or feelings are you wishing to invoke in your customers? Are they looking for an escape? Are they looking for products that will help them tap into their wanderlust, incite new possibilities for travel, discovery, and adventure? Or are they looking inward, looking to escape into the comfort and warm embrace of their home and family? How can your products, even in a small way, help your customers feel more in touch with their authentic selves?

Additionally, how can your products work to tell your authentic brand story? What makes your company unique? How can you bring your company story and perspective to life through artwork and patterns?

Important Show Information

The SURTEX mobile app goes live in April, so be on the lookout!

March 28 is the exhibitor deadline to secure your advertising space in the printed show directory. Also coming up for attendees is the opportunity to use the Connect™ online feature. This tool enables attendees to search exhibitor profiles, including the Design Image Gallery featuring their art and designs, in addition to emailing and scheduling appointments to meet with them at the show.

The 2018 SURTEX show is set to take place May 20–22nd, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Attendee registration is open – click here. . Keep on top of new SURTEX show information by watching this space, connecting with SURTEX on social media.

Featured Artists


This month’s newsletter features the work of Michal Sparks and Amarilys Henderson.

Owner and creative director of A Clever Spark, Michal Sparks’ art and illustrations have become worldwide bestsellers. Incorporating her background of textiles and fine art, she licenses her easy watercolor style and contemporary designs, inspired by her collection of antique fabrics. Sparks has illustrated over 40 books, being also the author of fifteen of those, including one of her children’s books which has sold well over a million copies. Her art can be found throughout the gift, tabletop, home décor, and publishing industries.

Amarilys Henderson enjoys bringing the dynamic vibrancy of watercolor strokes to everyday products–from paper to porcelain. Her experience in print design influences much of her work, which found its renaissance in new motherhood and refreshed faith. You’ll find her curled up in her warm studio in snowy Minnesota.