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WHAT COLORS SPELL SUCCESS IN 2017? Trendspotter Stacy Garcia Knows

Design success goes to those who stay on top of what’s trending, says design visionary Stacy Garcia. She should know: Stacy’s eponymous firm wins applause and awards for designing fabrics, wallcoverings, and other products that fulfill her mission to create “a lifestyle less ordinary.”

So when Stacy declares what she sees trending, the entire design industry listens. Here’s her forecast for next year, gleaned from presentations at the SURTEX Trend Theatre and her color forecasts at NYNOW earlier this month.

What to expect in Spring and Fall, 2017:

• A blurring of the seasons. “Trends evolve, from one to the next. This is evolution, not revolution. We have to respect the fact that home fashions are an investment. People just don’t toss things out and start over when a new color trend hits.”

• Four major color movements are evolving:

  1. “Twilight Depths.” Think blues. Forty-three percent of the men and 23 percent of the women in the US say blue is their favorite color. All over the world, blue is everyone’s favorite. Look for bronzy golds paired with blue, and denim — it’s back in a big way, especially textured denim. Gray is still part of the “Twilight Depths” but now warmer, evolving into browns, grasscloth, the colors of dry leaves in Autumn.
  2. “Soul Revival.” It’s the 70s again! Be ready for funky oranges, purple fuchsia, khaki green; fringes, and shag rugs!
  3. Tales of the Forest.” The Japanese are already deep into shinrin-yoku,“forest bathing.” There are 38 official forest therapy sites in Japan, where research confirms the virtues of connecting with the forest, among them, lower blood pressure, and increased creativity. It follows naturally that we’ll see more greens and blues used together, Stacy says.”At the end of the day, design makes a difference,” she reminds us. “It cultivates health. As a culture, we are ready for it.”
  4. Uninhibited Pastels.” Not super sweet, even a little edgy, these pastels will be offset by black.Look for off-grays, lavender, velvets and chenilles.

A bewilderment of riches? Stacy has good advice about dealing with multiple trends: “Filter them through your own lenses. Take what appeals and put our own spin on it.”

Want more details. Click on www.stacygarcia.com.