On the Surface


“It’s All Here”

"4c2bc1b8-f919-4674-8f8f-e6e3bd30a9c5"SURTEX commences this week, and I’m excited to welcome everyone to the show.  After spending an amazing Mother’s Day with my family, I came to the conclusion that inspiration through art is a powerful thing.

My children surprised me with a family portrait for Mother’s Day.  It was something that I had asked for repeatedly every holiday, but never quite got.  Especially since my children are older now and leading busy lives, they never were in the same place long enough to sit still for pictures.  Nonetheless, I finally got my best surprise, ever.

Granted, the art was only some framed photos of themselves and our dogs. But the inspiration didn’t stop there.  My daughter, who is going to college to study graphic design, took some of the photos and digitally enhanced them with beautiful flowers and assorted patterns.  Quite amazing to see her creativity and inspiration.

So – as we head into SURTEX, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, seeing what art and inspiration you will be showcasing, and watching as you conduct real business at the Show.  Not only will there be hundreds of artists there, thousands of buyers will be combing the Javits, ready to see new trends and get their own inspiration.

I’ll be walking the aisles, too, so please feel free to stop me and let me know how it’s going.

It’s all here this week at SURTEX!